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Create-n-Paint in Jacksonville, N.C., offers you an unparalleled experienced for individuals, groups, or even private parties to come together through freestyle or structured-session paint art. 

Once you book an individual or group session, here is what is included for your session: 

  • - (1) Blank or pre-designed Door Mat or Canvas 

  • - Unlimited Paint

  • - 2.5 to 3 hours time, depending on your session

  • - Paint brushes and cleaning supplies

  • - Complimentary Disposable Apron(s)

  • - Premium apron available for purchase

  • - Lively music and a television

  • - Unisex restroom for use

  • - Refrigerator for your adult libations

  • - Complimentary snacks

  • - ..And more!

We also offer individuals or groups to book private parties, where only your party has access to the building during your chosen session. 

If you'd like to rent out our building space for whatever event or engagement suits you, we offer these services as well. Please contact us through our 'Additional Services' tab to find out how. 

We look forward to awakening your inner Picasso!

-Shala, Create-n-Paint Studio Owner

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